History of the Jules Melquiond Sports Store in Serre-Chevalier

Since 1969, Jules Melquiond Sports has been offering the most appropriate sales and rental service to Serre-Chevalier.

A secret ? Ski knowledge !

A family business and specialists

Jules is French ski champion and ex-slalomer of the great French team of the 60s.
Mountain guide, it’s the founder of the store. The sons: Benjamin, 10 years of team of France, 2 times Champion of France of ski, monitor and owner of the altitude restaurant “Le White”, and Guillaume ski instructor and coach of the ski club of Serre Chevalier from 1994 to 2000, tester of “SKIEUR” magazine, the SKI reference in the field.

A staff of professionals

Daniel Loridon, one of the best French bootfitters, as well as Audrey, analyze your feet and develop your shoes; skimans experienced in equipment preparation and tuning techniques. They know the mountain, skiing and its current evolution. Always available to meet the growing demand for quality of service, security and a friendly welcome.

JULES MELQUIOND SPORTS will allow you to discover the last novelties of the most prestigious brands. All skis are tested by us one season in advance, participation in the skier magazine test …