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This review is on SlagSearch.com.  We turned into conscious of this amazing site due to the viral memes and news articles speaking about it. Upon further investigation we understood why these memes having screenshots of texts and development articles are ALL fictitious. The whole thing is the one huge marketing and advertising deception created to create attention to the website.

This Incredible Website Is Actually Attached To A Lot Of Fake Hokup Websites

SlagSearch is linked to a number of artificial internet sites such as for instance SlagHub.com,  PlentyOfHoes.com, and Fish4Hoes.com.  Many of these websites seem exactly the same and in addition they reroute towards the same web site known as MeetWild.com. We’ve got explanation to trust that SlagSearch is actually possessed from the same individuals operating these three different phony hookup web sites.

SlagSearch Redirects To MeetWild.com

SlagSearch.com is used to funnel traffic to a phony dating site labeled as MeetWild.com. Should you type in SlagSearch into the browser the automatically redirected with their internet site. The website name is actually strictly used to redirect visitors from a single domain to another.  We currently performed a comprehensive article on MeetWild.com in which we break-down why this site is a scam. When you need to read every reasons why this site is deceptive, deceitful and totally fictitious you’ll visit this website link and study it on your own.

MeetWild uses fictitious users of appealing looking ladies coupled with computer system spiders to transmit you computerized communications. This technique is effective since when you get in on the web site you imagine absolutely hot searching women who’re sending you communications. Unfortunately the problem is is you are unable to answer emails and soon you upgrade that is certainly where in actuality the con occurs!

Fake News Articles That Go Viral Are Used To Get Free Advertising

SlagSearch.com uses an extremely fascinating, yet misleading method of getting individuals to go to their website. In the first instance below you will notice there’s a screenshot of a news post stating that a « woman is actually suing a dating website known as SlagSearch.com after after giving her sibling a BJ through a hole inside wall structure. » This can be all fake and is also utilized as an advertising gimmick to get individuals check out the website. It works really effortlessly and has now generated these type of artificial news posts go viral on the web. It is free advertising for the website.
(A screenshot of a phony news article that is actually marketing Slag Search.)

Fake Text Used As An Advertising Gimmick

Under is a screenshot of an artificial text message that can moved widespread on different meme websites. It is not a real text message, yet again it’s a marketing key accustomed get free of charge people to SlagSearch. People behind this amazing site have become smart in the way they advertise their site to get lots and a lot of free of charge visitors to visit their fraud.

(A screenshot of a phony text message that is really just an artificial meme familiar with produce traffic to the website.) 

Below is a phony tweet that is regularly promote the site. Absolutely a photo on a tweet that means it is appear like some one put a note on someone else’s auto since they hit it. Regarding the information it states « Sorry I strike your vehicle I was back at my telephone trying to get some vagina on SlagSearch.com. A person watched me hit your car or truck thus I’m creating this making it appear to be I’m providing you information best of luck get me whenever you! »  The whole thing is actually fake however it looks genuine and it is super amusing so the chances of something similar to this going widespread are particularly easy to see. Once again all of our brilliant lesbian chat online marketing strategy but unfortunately these are typically advertising cons.

(A screenshot of a phony notice talking about SlagSearch that has been posted on Twitter.)

The Way They Generate Visitors To Their Website:

The way they create countless people to the website is to develop these fake memes like we have now already described. From there they merely have actually Twitter accounts, Twitter reports, Reddit accounts Etc as well as post these artificial news articles and phony screenshots of sms on these social media marketing accounts. Fundamentally these social media marketing articles get widespread. After they go viral absolutely a particular portion of men and women that will go through the meme and then see « SlagSearch.com » during the meme and look at the website. It really is an excellent online marketing strategy which has had created all of them thousands of people to their site. Unfortunately they can be using their talent to rip individuals down because the sites they promote tend to be entirely artificial.

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Final choice:

Although we are satisfied along with their advertising and marketing capabilities they’re making use of them for all your incorrect factors. Slagsearch is a scam as we’ve said often contained in this study and demonstrably no one should utilize it.

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  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you think that you’ve been scammed or fooled.